River Angara Serves Man

There is neither a single aspect of human life, nor a single industry that could do without water. Water is by far more valuable natural resource than petroleum, coal, timber, metals. Any natural or man-made product could be substituted by another, but there is no substitution for water.

Human life had always been inseparable from water, and nowadays this bond is stronger than ever. In River Angara basin, human life is even closer associated with large rivers. About 95% of the urban population of the region is located on River Angara and its major tributaries, 3/ of it herewith populating the immediate banks of River Angara and its reservoirs. Aquatic factor was the most important condition that shaped the social and economic development of The Riverside.

Plentiful aquatic resources of River Angara basin serve as a natural basis for the development of eventually all kinds of water-utilization, all branches of aquatic industries — hydro-electric power generation, waterway transportation, water supply, irrigation, fishing, recreation, etc. The leading industry of the diverse aquatic management network is the unique by its scale River Angara Chain of hydro-electric power plants, while important positions also belong to waterway transportation, water-supply and timber-floating, whereas amelioration, commercial fishing and aquatic recreation are developed to lesser extent.


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